Alberto Detomas:

born in Bolzano on 07.30.1979,

resident in Vigo di Fassa

graduated Master of Arts at the State Institute of Art with specialization in the School of Art ceramics G. Ballardini in Faenza.

Top Competitions and Exhibitions:


1996 National Competition of bronze sculpture, Peano (Cuneo) ;

1999 Competition Award Association Sport flowers ,( Faenza) : winner ;

1999 : Exhibition at the Municipal Library , Vigo di Fassa (trento) : watercolors and paintings ;

2000 Competition Award Association Sport Flowers ,( Faenza) : winner ;

2001 : Exhibition at the Pavilion Te Anter Tobiè , Canazei (Trento) : watercolors and paintings ;

2002 : Exhibition at the Pavilion Te Anter Tobiè , Canazei (Trento) : painted ceramics ;

2002 : Exhibition at Casa Jellici ,Tesero di Fiemme (Trento) : Stretched : painted ceramics ;

2004 Participation and competition XXIX . The Telaccia D’Oro , Turin, with a note of Merit ;

2004 : Participation in Expo Arte Padova; paintings on canvas;

2005 : Participation in Exhibition Showcases time , Pordenone paintings on canvas;

2005 Solo exhibition at Ciasa Marmolada Vigo di Fassa (Trento).

2005 Exhibition at the Italian Cultural Institute in Vienna, acrylic on canvas.

2006 Exhibition at the Italian Cultural Institute in Budapest , acrylic on canvas.

2007 Exhibition at the Palace of the Trentino Alto Adige region .

2007 : Exposure to Scoleta S. Zaccaria in Venice.

2008: Exhibition at the gallery Transit Arco (Trento) .

2010: Take part in the Prize Wilhelm II in Monreale ( Palermo)

2011: Exhibition at the home of ‘ ass Art.Kultura Vigo di Fassa.

2012: Group exhibition at the headquarters of ‘ ass Art.Kultura Vigo di Fassa (Trento)

2012: Group exhibition at Art Fusion Gallery in Miami at Art Basel Miami .

2013 : Participates in the international competition , CREATIVE ALLIES 2013 poster for the tour                of  Fleewood Mac coming in the  first 12.

2014: Participates in the international competition, Talenthouse for the project shawl for Stevie                   Nicks.

2015: Participates as an assistant film’s production designer “INFONDO AL BOSCO ” of Stefano                 Lodovichi.

2015: Collaborates on the scenographic realization for the centenary concert of the First World                     War, in Val di San Nicolò, Val di Fassa.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  2015: Designs and implements the construction of the square in Canazei for the holiday season.

2016: Personal exhibition in the Gallery Tan Art in Canazei (TN)

2017: Realizes the new coat of arms of San Giovanni Sen Jan di Fassa.